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Reliance on batteries has increased at an unprecedented rate, but today’s batteries can’t meet the demands of tomorrow’s technology. Lionano’s battery materials enable performance gains across industry applications. Our materials’ higher storage capacity and cycle life support key markets that rely on battery technology.     

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are the future, but present EV battery technology restricts range—and consumer adoption. Alternatively, trade more range for more cost savings instead. Lionano’s battery material components can power the future of sustainable cars through effective EV battery technology.


Consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

Portable electronics bring the performance issues of lithium-ion batteries up close and personal. As technology like wearable devices proliferate, consumers need confidence in these electronics and the batteries that support them.  Lionano provides high-performing materials enabling lighter and more affordable consumer electronics.

Consumer electronics

Grid Storage

Utilities and C&I facilities are incorporating energy storage to harness intermittent renewable energy. For commercial players, on-site energy storage reduces expensive peak demand costs, meets clean energy goals and establishes resilience for critical functions. For utilities, it’s a key solution to the aging electricity grid. Better battery components can provide the energy density and cycle life to affordably scale storage solutions across industries and the grid itself with reliable, safe power that supplements traditional electricity supply.


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Lionano, started by Cornell graduates, backed by venture capital and institutional investors, and validated by major industry partners, is poised to become an industry-leading material manufacturer.

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