A Critical Challenge

How will batteries keep up with the needs of advancing technology?

The energy density of today’s batteries is bottlenecked by cathode materials with limited li-ion storage capacity. Limited energy density means shorter driving range for electric vehicles, larger and heavier devices, and a more frequent need to recharge.

Lionano's Solution

Cathode materials enabling high energy density and excellent cycle performance in rechargeable batteries

The debut commercial product in Lionano’s portfolio of advanced battery materials, our cathode offers advanced performance benefiting a wide range of applications.

About Our Technology

High Energy Density

Lighter devices, longer EV driving range, and lower charge frequency.

Long Cycle Life

Minimized capacity loss means batteries and electronics with a longer usable life span.

Cost Competitive

High energy density plus economies of scale effectively reduce cell’s cost per kilowatt hour.

Who We Are

Rapid development, production, and deployment of advanced battery materials

We have successfully scaled our high-performance cathode materials from the bench-level to thousands of tons of production capacity and are expanding our rapid commercialization capabilities to our extended portfolio of high-performance and safe materials.

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Founded in 2013 at Cornell University and headquartered in Woburn, Mass., Lionano is a developer and manufacturer of advanced electrical energy storage technologies for the electric vehicles and consumer electronics markets. Join us in bringing groundbreaking battery technology to the world.

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